Multimedia and Youth Leadership

Multimedia and Youth Leadership will be presented by Dr. Stanley El, Saturday September 24, 2016. This is a free event


Still Family 147th Reunion

The 147th Still Family Reunion takes place Sunday, August 14, 2016.

family reunion--still 2016 jpeg


Lawnside Heritage Day Parade 2014

A True History of Lawnside by Charles C. Smiley

The spirit of Lawnside is to “play hard but fair”.  Sometimes folks like to play hard, but ignore fair play; sometimes folks like fair play, but not try hard to succeed, neither of which is inherited Lawnside spirit. We have come from obscure darkness into this present light on this plafform. Can we proceed or must we discontinue and indorse another?

Click the link below for the entire story and vision of Charles C. Smiley

history of lawnside